The Education & Support Team develops programming and events to carry out the mission of Huddle Up Moms: host the Exchange educational panels; develops educational content to share with the community; and creates meaningful engagement opportunities through the Huddle Groups.

If you're interested in joining Huddle Up Mom on the Education & Support Team, please reach out to us

Loran Gillespie
Educational Content Developer

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Loran Gillespie and her family are new residents to the Roanoke area and she instantly fell in love with the beautiful scenery that surrounds her and the mountain views right in her backyard. She is an educator by trade serving as a former Mathematics Teacher and an Instructional Technology Coach in the public school system in Stafford, Virginia. She continues her work here in Roanoke as an Education Specialist with Carilion Clinic and serves as a part of the Education &Support Team with HUM.  While she is a proud educator,  Loran most enjoys her role as wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend to so many special people in her life. Loran is a mother to her 3 year old son, Teddy, who is a lover of all things trains and who inspires her to serve this community and help in the effort to create a space for mothers to connect and learn from one another.

"I chose to be a part of HUM because I feel strongly that there is such a need for moms to connect with one another and have a supportive community around them. When mothers are supported and empowered, there is nothing they cannot do!"

Huddle Leaders

Kristin Barrett

"I am involved with HUM because I believe in supporting, encouraging, and empowering moms of NICU babies. I want to foster an environment of acceptance and strength where NICU moms know the power that they have to be the best advocates for their babies."    

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“I feel strongly that when we meet the needs and bridge the gaps for all kids, we can raise a stronger and more diverse a d tolerant generation. As moms of children with special needs, we have a unique opportunity to be a voice for our children and to connect with others who experience similar situations.”

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Rachael Harris
Single Moms

"I’ve decided to volunteer with Huddle Up Moms this year because I feel strongly about the importance of building connection and community, especially among women. I'm fairly new to the area so I thought this would be a great way to jump in!"    

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