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A healthy mother is the cornerstone of a healthy family. These resources can help you be your best self, though resourced dedicated to wellness, fitness, mental health, and complementary medicine.

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[Core] Chiropractic and Wellness

Daryl Rich, DC, CSCS

Chiropractor; Clinical Director



Cultivate Wellness

Jenna Montana, DC, MS, IFMCP

Functional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Acupuncturist




PostPartum Support VA

Mandolin Restivo, MA

Mara Watts, LPC, MA, M.Ed



Carilion Community
Health & Outreach

Jill Lucas Drakeford

Carilion Children's Safe Kids Coordinator



Empowered Moms - 
CrossFit Unwritten

Whitney Batchelor

Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach



Chernichky Family Chiropractic

IDLife and
Brickhouse Health & Fitness

Jay Ezelle

Health, Wellness, and Fitness Coach



Huddle Up Moms embraces, honors, and affirms the diverse and varied experiences of being a mother. We welcome and support all kinds of mothers (non/biological, step, adopted, foster) regardless of education, ethnicity, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, nation of origin, age, religion, ability, opinion, or culture.

There is a place for everyone in our Huddle. 


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