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Jaclyn Nunziato | MD


"Huddle Up Moms helped me find my village. It has made me a better doctor, wife, mother, friend, and all around person and truly has been one of the greatest gifts life has given me. "


Jaclyn Nunziato is a Board Certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist and a maternal health advocate both locally and nationally.  She is the co-founder of Huddle Up Moms and started this non-profit to bridge the needed gap between the healthcare systems and the community as it relates to maternal health. Her passions include creating opportunities for quality improvement as it relates to equitable care, improvements with the 4th trimester, incorporating and education on trauma informed care, and perinatal mental health.  Jaclyn is on several local, state, and national committees advocating for ways to decrease maternal mortality and morbidity in this country. She feels truly blessed at the opportunity to blend her passion for taking care of women of all ages with her desire to work on community outreach projects. She is a dedicated teacher/educator both at VTC medical school and within the community. Personally, she is the wife of an amazingly supportive husband whom she has known since she was 18 and still supports every crazy idea and endeavor she embarks on AND she is a full time working mama of two amazing little girls!  

Fun Fact: Coffee is the way to her heart and she is known to send way too many emails before 4am! 

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