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Mom Mentor

What is a Mom Mentor?

Moms will be matched with mentors who have experience raising children and can help you face the challenges of motherhood through empathy and perspective. Mom Mentors will provide social and personal support through regular connection via virtual meeting, in-person meeting, text, and/or phone calls. Through this connection Mom Mentors will build a relationship that combats isolation, guides goal-directed behavior, and shares tips and tricks for mothering. 


We make meaningful matches between moms by matching the characteristics that are important to you and your specific needs. Mentees and Mentors will meet for a period of 12 months with the option to continue. 

What to Expect:

  • You will set goals to help you face specific mothering challenges.

  • You will receive guidance from your Mom Mentor that comes from a place of empathy and perspective.

  • You will meet with your Mom Mentor regularly (at least once a month). 

  • You will gain insights on time management, prioritizing, and balance. 

  • You could gain a deep long-term relationship with a like-minded, experienced mom. 

  • A safe space that welcomes openness about all your challenges and triumphs.

The most important factor of a successful Mom Mentorship relationship is a good fit between mentor and mentee. While we put considerable effort into the matching process, both mentors and mentees are welcome to provide feedback if re-matching is required.

How it Works...

Mentors and mentees will decide on times that they will be available and the methods they would like to use for communication. During these times Mom Mentors will check-in with their mentee. We expect mentors to dedicate time connecting with their mentee at least once a month, however most matches will want to connect more often. Other, smaller, connections such as emails and texts are encouraged in between longer check-ins. We anticipate the commitment being no more than 1 hour for any given week. HUM staff are available for assistance if needed.


A mother, currently raising or having already raised children.


Committed to self-care and personal growth.


Willing to share their experiences with another mother.


Able to guide another mother in goal-setting and goal-directed behavior.


Willing to communicate via text/email/phone/WhatsApp/FaceTime/etc. or other preferred communication.

What makes
an ideal
Mom Mentor?

When Can You Start?

If you would like to take part in this new initiative, please fill out the appropriate form below. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 

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Complete the following form if you are interested in serving as a Mom Mentor.

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Complete the following form if you are interested in participating in the Mom Mentorship Program.

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