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Huddle Up Moms is a nonprofit organization for local mothers in the Roanoke and New River Valley, as well as mothers everywhere. We aim to serve and empower women, build their villages with them, and help them thrive in their motherhood journeys. 

We align ourselves with individuals, businesses, and community organizations that are passionate about our mission, share our common goal in supporting women, and are looking for ways to connect with and reach our audience. 

Community Resources

Huddle Up Moms aims to empower mothers with the resources they need to thrive. The Resource Directory connects women to businesses or organizations providing lactation, pregnancy, wellness, or community resources to mothers. If you want to share your services so that we can connect you to mothers in our area, contact us below!

Programs & Events

Huddle Up Moms creates activities and hosts a variety of events to help women and mothers develop meaningful connections and build relationships with others in the community. If you host similar events and there is an opportunity to partner in planning and/or promotion, we would love to support! 


Huddle Up Moms hosts events, creates content, and provides a service typically free to the community. We could better serve the community and our efforts would go even farther with the support of individuals, organizations, and corporate sponsors. In turn, we would promote you as an official sponsor of Huddle Up Moms.

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