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12 Pandemic-Proof Activities We Can Do With Our Kids

Spring is here, bringing the promise of warmer weather and outdoor fun. But the pandemic is not yet over, so we are entering another spring where some organized events that we depend on to mark the season, like Easter egg hunts and organized camps and sorts, might not happen. So, what CAN we do with our kids?

First, let’s talk about being realistic. I am a mother of two. Both of my kids are now pre-teens and I still find myself falling prey to the romanticized mental images of activities with children. You know them— the bike ride down a path, sun shining, birds singing—you and your children all smiles, taking in the beauty of the present. While in reality, when I went bike riding with my kids, there were tears a quarter mile in, a temper tantrum another half mile later, a minor bike crash, and an eventual abandonment of the bikes and a call to Uber to take us back home! So, my list aims to be easy, realistic and adaptable.

I’m sharing some gems I’ve personally done or started with my kids over the past year or so. These are safe activities, keeping in mind the pandemic is still a factor in our plans. However, they can be enjoyed well after we get on the other side of things. Here you go, mamas!