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A Mother's Intuition

“Something didn’t feel right.” That’s what Christie Steele-Garcia kept saying to herself after being discharged from the hospital following the birth of her daughter, Lucy.

Huddle Up Moms was honored to sit down with Christie to hear her and share her story.

Christie’s pregnancy was largely uneventful—she was diligent with her prenatal care and proactive about her health. However, there was one anomaly in her pregnancy journey: her blood pressure fluctuated quite a bit. Despite having borderline high blood pressures, Christie was never formally diagnosed with preeclampsia during her pregnancy.

At 38 weeks, Christie went to her OBGYN provider for a routine visit and learned that she would need to be induced because of her sporadic high blood pressures. A week later, Christie gave birth to both her new baby girl, Lucy, and her own identity as a mother.

Two days after her delivery, Christie was discharged from the hospital and headed home with Lucy in her arms. At that moment, Christie remembers experiencing a lot of anxiety, “I just felt this impending sense of doom.” In some ways, what Christie was experiencing was prophetic—her experiences over the next twenty-four hours would be a testament to her intuition.