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Breastfeeding Yourself Back Into Shape

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

To round out Breastfeeding Awareness Month and head full force into September, we thought we would end this month with a great blog about breastfeeding and working out! Let us be the first to wish you a Happy Women’s Health and Fitness month starting September 1st!! Get ready ladies, there will be lots of fun blogs focused on getting back into your groove of health and wellness. Don’t forget to purchase one of our Breastfeeding Welcome Here Stickers found on our breastfeeding campaign page.

Huddle Up Moms is honored this month to feature a blog from Alison Bowersock. Breastfeeding can be challenging in more ways than one but adding on the extra feat of trying to get back into shape can seem impossible! Here are some great tips focused on breastfeeding and getting back into shape!

DISCLOSURE: This information is not meant to be ALL encompassing and should NOT replace seeking advice from your health care provider for specific questions, solutions, and concerns about your health! The purpose of this blog is to spark curiosity and gain some insight into your health.

Whether you’re eager to resume an active lifestyle once your baby arrives or eager to start a fitness journey, chances are you have found mixed information about post-partum exercise. The world of exercise and pregnancy and postpartum training is a relatively new field in research and therefore evidence-based guidelines are not easy to find. Luckily, the bottom line is that physical activity both during and after pregnancy is healthy for mom and baby, but what about postpartum exercise and breastfeeding?