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Navigating Your Infertility Journey

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Amongst all the hardships happening right now, some of us are dealing with our own personal struggles of infertility. As we discussed in our last blog, infertility is common, with around 9% of couples being affected around the world. Here, we will discuss how infertility affects mental health and share with you some of the latest treatments for infertility. As National Infertility Week approaches, it is our hope to end the stigma of infertility. It is important to talk about issues of infertility, and we hope that you feel comfortable sharing your unique challenges and stories. We support you here at Huddle Up Moms and share your struggles.

DISCLOSURE: This information is not meant to be all-encompassing and should not replace seeking advice from your health care provider for specific questions, solutions, and concerns about your health! The purpose is to spark curiosity and gain some insight into your health.


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