Top 10 Things to Know Before Going to Your GYNO

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Happy New Year Huddle Up Moms!

We are looking forward to starting the new year off right and leaving 2020 in the dust! If you haven't already finalized your goals for 2021 or if you have room for one more, we suggest you adding taking care of YOU to the list! What better way to kick the year off than to focus on getting to know your body and making your health a priority!

If you are like many women when you get that reminder phone call that your “Yearly Woman” exam is overdue, a flood of anxiety rushes over you. Flashbacks of awkward naked experiences rush into your brain and you may experience the urge to talk yourself OUT of going to your gynecologist appointment this year! Fight that urge ladies. COVID or no COVID, your yearly check up is so important! Routine yearly checks are a key component to overall disease prevention.