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Press Kit

We love getting the word out about Huddle Up Moms and how we can support the community, but we need your help.

Huddle Up Moms History

Huddle Up Moms began in the Roanoke Valley in 2019, growing out of an effort to bring together resources for pregnant and postpartum women. From this larger group, our organization emerged with the mission of empowering mothers through education, connection, and support. We aim to fuel meaningful connections within our community by working collaboratively with other organizations that promote women’s health and wellness. We believe that mothers deserve to flourish in all aspects of their lives, knowing that they are not alone in this journey. 


Huddle Up Moms is an entirely volunteer-led non-profit organization serving mothers in the Roanoke Valley. Our leadership is comprised of thought-leaders in the fields of medicine, public health, research, and community engagement. But more importantly, we are all mothers. We aim to provide for mothers the resources that we wish we had and know other mothers are searching for. 


Our work focuses on connection - using our Mom Huddles and Mom Mentorship program, education - through informational events tailored to mothers’ needs, and support - doing the legwork of networking resources from across the community to make them easy to find. 

Huddle Up Moms Executive Leadership

Huddle Up Moms Logos

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Huddle Up Moms - Contact Us

Questions about Huddle Up Moms? Please contact our Director of Community Outreach & Public Relations, Kim Butterfield or (540) 632-0190.

Huddle Up Moms Recent Media



We loved the 15-minute interview with WFIR who took the time to get to know our mission during and after the show. 

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