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Roanoke Women's Resource Summit

The Roanoke Women's Resource Summit is a signature event that empowers women through education, support and meaningful connections. It is a holistic approach to maternal health which brings together a variety of maternal health and community providers in the Roanoke area to bridge connections and build their villages to support their motherhood journeys.

2023 Resource Summit

The inVisible Load of Motherhood.


Motherhood is full of work others rarely see.

It’s the never-ending grocery list rollingthrough your mind.

It’s knowing that you need to plan for extra childcare when school is closed next week.

It’s making doctor and dentist appointments months down the road.
It’s knowing where everything is. All the time.


The load of motherhood is often exhausting and, for too long, it has gone unseen.

We see you. We hear you.


At the 2023, we are holding a mirror up to motherhood. We’re celebrating the joys,

challenges, and complexities of being a mother.
But most importantly – we’re celebrating you.

Join us for a day of workshops, speakers, food, an
d prizes dedicated to MOMS!

Past Summit Programs
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