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Mom Huddles

Connecting with like-minded women is a powerful support tool and can provide rich benefits for your well-being and mental health.


There are many different ways to be a mom.


We aim to provide connections between mothers of all kinds so you can find your new best-mom-friends! We are currently hosting monthly huddles for these kinds of moms.


To join simply click the groups below!

group of mom friends together on a playdate

What Can You Expect?

  • A safe environment where you can tell your story and express your feelings freely, knowing that others will be understanding, non-judgmental, and supportive.

  • A place for establishing a connection with other moms that are going through similar situations as you. 

  • Decreased feeling of isolation.

  • A community that validates and normalizes any and all emotional reactions.

  • A place for learning a variety of techniques for facing the challenges of mothering the way you mom. 

  • A network of like-minded moms among which you can share resources like articles, other forums, literature, and more. 

  • A sounding board where you can present ongoing or new concerns about your mom journey.


Visit the Facebook groups for each Mom Huddle to learn more.

Interested in joining a huddle, but not on social media? No problem! Sign up here.

Working Moms

This group is for working mothers to share the challenges & joys related to balancing a career and motherhood.

Children with Special Needs

No one advocates for a child better than a mother. Share advice, knowledge, and resources through this empowered group.


Your baby is a fighter & so are you! Moms who have had a baby in the NICU bring support and connection to this Huddle.

Breastfeeding Moms

Breastfeeding is a journey unlike any others and every mom needs support. This group offers a wealth of help & support.

Single Moms

You're not alone! Connect with other moms balancing the parenthood load and meet single moms who understand.

Moms of Loss

Losing a child, no matter the age or stage, is profoundly painful. This group offers a place for your grief, laughter & pain. 

Pandemic Moms

Having a baby during a pandemic is a unique and isolating experience. This is a space to share experiences & form relationships.

Moms of Multiples

Connect here with moms of multiples in Southwest Virginia.

Stay At Home Moms

Full time parenting is a full time job! Connect with stay at home moms to share experiences and form relationships.

Moms of Teens

Connect here with moms of teens (or preteens!) in Southwest Virginia.

Adoptive/Foster Moms

Share experiences and form relationships with moms of adoptive or foster children.


A group for those that identify as LGBTQ+ to share the challenges & successes related to motherhood.

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