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We know it takes a village to raise a family, and we want to provide women the resources they need locally to build that village.


We believe in empowering women to prioritize their well-being and in connecting mothers to the support they need to be happy, healthy, and confident. 

Our goal is to sustain a community-based organization that supports women on their
motherhood journeys in Southwest Virginia. 


Huddle Up Moms empowers all mothers in the Roanoke and New River Valleys through education, meaningful connections, and community support.

Huddle Up Moms envisions a future in which all mothers have the support they need to be healthy, happy, and confident to flourish in all areas of their lives.


"When I became a mother, I gained a new identity that I welcomed and loved, however, I found myself looking in the mirror somewhat lost. I only saw this new role - mom. Surrounding myself with the moms in this community and the Huddle Up Moms team was my first step to embracing myself as a mother and discovering my old (but newer version) self again. It's the only time I feel like I can be a good mom, and still remember to put myself first, too.

Thank you for taking this step to engage with our community and join us in this motherhood journey!"​​

- Jaclyn Nunziato, MD
Executive Director

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