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Welcome to
The Haven on 5th

A nurturing space created in collaboration between

Huddle Up Moms and Postpartum Support Virginia

At The Haven, we are dedicated to providing a haven for mothers, fostering connection, and supporting the community. Our mission is to empower mothers through educational programs, encouraging a sense of community and offering valuable resources. Whether you're a new mom seeking guidance or a seasoned one looking to connect, The Haven is your sanctuary on this incredible journey of motherhood.

In addition to our commitment to mothers, The Haven opens its doors to the community at large. Our versatile space is available for rent, providing a perfect venue for events and business opportunities. Whether you're planning a workshop, seminar, or celebration, The Haven offers a welcoming environment for your endeavors.

The Haven is also home to Huddle Up Moms' Support Shop.

Join us at The Haven on 5th, where we believe in the strength of community, the power of connection, and the support needed for every mother to thrive.

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Interested in Space at The Haven?

If you're looking for a great space to rent long term for your organization, hold meetings, conferences, trainings or fun events like paint night or yoga, we are opening our doors to the community to embrace services and activities that our area has to offer.  

Email to get more info

Meet Erika Jones

Haven Support Specialist

Erika was born in Oakland, California, but relocated early on to Southwestern Virginia as her family came to the states to farm. The first US born citizen on her mother’s side of the family, Erika grew up a hybrid between Franklin County and the Roanoke Valley. Erika is a graduate of Roanoke College, where she obtained a degree in both Psychology and Criminal Justice with a concentration in Legal Studies. Erika has been an advocate in the mental health community for almost 20 years, serving various populations including running Psychosocial Rehabilitation programs, providing adults with one-on-one care, teaching independent living skills, and working in both the public and private school systems. Erika was previously a qualified mental health professional and enjoyed working one on one with children to help them learn appropriate coping skills for dealing with everyday life stressors.  Erika has a passion for food and gardening and has recently used her skills to assist various food trucks in the area with gaining ground, while also supporting overall community health.  She gives away plants to teach people how to grow their own food and offers free or discounted organic produce to SWVA throughout the summer and fall. She currently runs the Roanoke Food Truck Finder page on Facebook which is a free tool for food trucks to promote their services while also allowing venues to locate mobile food vendors for their events. Erika has been an advocate for small businesses and nonprofits for decades and continues to devote her time to helping others reach their goals.  She recently launched her own business, SociaRae Inc., which allows her to combine her love for the community, food, socialization, mental health and empowerment. After having her first daughter, she found the benefits of meeting with other moms to discuss struggles, wins and resolutions for how to work through daily stressors. Erika is a huge believer in the Mom village and is always helping moms in need find supplies and resources to make life a little easier. Her mom village was crucial during COVID and continues to be an integral part of her life.   She believes that we are all better, together.  Erika is now the mother of two amazing daughters, dog mom to two rescues: Buddy Love and Miley, and partner to her amazingly supportive other half, Jeff.

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